March 27, 2012

Far too excited

To say I like food in an understatement.

I mean, I did start a blog just so I could talk about food all day and I'm centering my career around eating the best food for your body. I think that should classify as obsessed.
clearly obsessed
So with that little introduction in hand, I occasionally get far too excited about food. Which happened last night around 8:00 pm.

Background: I workout at bootcamp every Monday night at 6:00 pm and it just so happened that around 5:15 pm, I was STARVING! But I just sucked it up and went hungry and got a great workout in. But as soon as 6:55 pm came along, the hunger reappeared.

Note to Self: Do not go to the grocery store hungry! You will but things you do not need!

I walked into Whole Food super hungry, just planning on getting some lettuce so I could make a salad for dinner. Let me tell you what I walked out the door with:

  • Spring Green Mix - perfect! I got what I needed
  • Bananas - this is ok, I needed them anyway
  • Jalapeno Pepper - going to make salsa, this is acceptable
  • Whole Wheat Pita Chips - definitely an impulse buy
  • Frozen Edamame - due to my rekindled love for the stuff
  • BEAN DIP - obvi I needed something to dip my pita chips in!
What I almost walked out the door with:
  • Slice of carrot cake
  • Morning Star Farm sausage patties
  • Flavored Coconut Water
  • Sushi
I'm just glad I had enough sense to put down the products I really did not need. But the impulse buy I was far to excited about: BEAN DIP

I love the stuff. And when I saw Whole Foods made their own version, I was excited to try it out. Granted I probably could have made the dip myself for less than $3, but like I said before, do not go to the grocery store hungry!

Now, for dinner last night, I just HAD to now make a tuna salad open-faced sandwich with the lovely product I just bought. It was important I open up the carton of luscious bean dip as soon as I got home. (Naturally)
I know it's not the prettiest thing ever, but tuna + bean dip = the BEST tuna salad I have ever had. The dip was spicy and flavorful and it gave a nice zing to the tuna. Ate this tuna on top of spring greens, heirloom tomatoes, and a slice of sunflower bread as neatly as I could (read: it all fell apart).

So delicious! I savored every last bite! Seriously if you ever see bean dip in the store... buy some and mix it with tuna. You won't be disappointed. And I had to round off this meal with a side of just had to happen
the aftermath

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