February 18, 2012


This food blog has been temporary disrupted due to cute animals. Enjoy!

February 17, 2012

Mexican Chocolate

If you enjoy celebrating Valentine's Day, it is imperative that you celebrate with chocolate. However, too much chocolate may cause you to feel super full and heavy. Luckily, there IS a way you can eat your chocolate without feeling the guilt and that is exactly how Marshall and I started our Valentine's Day Celebration! Last weekend, we ran a 5k and ate some chocolate in the Hot Chocolate 5k! This race was incredibly fun and the chocolate was darn tasty as well! The only negative aspect of the race was the starting time... 7:30 AM!!!! 

I'm not a morning person, so this whole, have-to-get-up-early-to-run-outside thing was not my favorite. Especially since that Saturday was the ONLY day this year Dallas decided it wanted to have winter. READ: it was around 32 degrees at race time. Early and Cold are NO fun in my book. And combined with the slight fiasco of leaving too late and then getting stuck in traffic only to get to the race at 8:00 am, was a slightly problem. But we layered up, ran the 5k, and consumed our victory chocolate. 
with the victory chocolate
After the race, they had hot chocolate and chocolate fondue complete with a banana, pretzel, marshmallow, rice krispie treat, and apples for dipping items. I'd say it was a perfect Valentine's breakfast!
thanks Cara!
After cleaning up a bit it we were both hungry. When in Texas, Mexican food is a must, so we hopped in the car for a few miles down the road and when to a semi-hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant called Avila's. On my first visit to Dallas, my mom and I ate here and the food was so delicious, I had always wanted to go again! 

This place has been featured on Food Network multiple times and for good reason! The food was fresh and authentic. They consider their food to be "traditional dishes with a homestyle flair!" Marshall and I got a sampling of everything to share.
 We sampled a pork tamale, brisket gordita, a cup of pozole soup, and a simple chicken taco. Homemade Tortillas really are the best things in the world. And the homemade salsa was an excellent accompaniment.

The random plate with spices and a lime were condiments that you put in the Pozole soup. The soup was interesting and full of beans and chickpeas. It wasn't my favorite (but I'm not a soup person). But Marshall thought the soup was the best thing of the entire meal! So if you like soup, you should probably try the Pozole

But our day was not over at lunch-time....

February 16, 2012

Fresh Fish

Onto Day 2 of my "Dallas Eats" Theme! And I apologize for the late post! Studying for a test the past two days did not leave not so much time to blog. But I am here now!

In other exciting news, my mom is coming to visit today! (yay!) Thus, even more delicious Dallas restaurants will be explored. But not until we go get some pizza first. But really, this place is addictive. It may become a weekly occurrence because it is THAT. GOOD.

But in other exciting food news, if you want to get some fresh and tasty sushi in Dallas, I recommend going to Sushi Axiom.
My friends from school had gone here a few times before and they always told me how delicious the sushi was there. And so far all of the restaurants I have visited in Dallas have not disappointed and Sushi Axiom was no different. Incredibly fresh and delicious. Let me tell you what Marshall and I ordered:

Started off with a Peach Bellini!
Next came the fish:
Tempura shrimp, avocado, crab, 4 sauces

salmon inside, eel on top
Both of these rolls were delicious! Very fresh fish and the sauces complemented the rolls quite nicely! Of the two, I think my favorite was the salmon though. I love raw salmon! Raw salmon is a little more like raw fish than saw a meaty fish like tuna, but it is equally as delicious! If you are a die-hard tuna lover and have not explored the world of fresh salmon, I encourage you to!

And I love my tuna. So fresh with wonderful texture. So naturally, we had to order some too!
Tuna Rose
And no, that is not an actual rose. It is a rose made out of tuna!!!! I had never before at any sushi restaurant seen this presentation of sashimi tuna. Six pieces of tuna, all curled up into one pretty rose package. It was almost too pretty to eat! (I did say almost). We consumed that fish in 3 minutes flat.   
Absolutely incredible! And it was sitting on top of ice, so when we finally decided to devour the fish, it was still nice and chilled!

Go to Sushi Axiom and order the sashimi tuna if nothing else. You will not be disappointed and I sure wasn't!

February 14, 2012

Dallas Eats Pizza

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I hope you are excited for my first "Dallas Eats" post of the week! And I am SO obsessed with this pizza place, I'm thinking that a repeat visit will be necessary this week. And the best place for pizza in Dallas is definitely il cane rosso.
When you first step foot in the door, you are greeted by the most amazing smell in the entire world! Seriously, it smelled so good that you knew right away your meal would be one to remember. And with an oak-wood fired pizza oven sitting right in the middle of the restaurant, you could be assured you were to have a truly authentic Neapolitan Style Pizza.
And let me just explain about this pizza...
...and that is a bold statement

Because, I've had some darn good pizza in the past. Where have I had this pizza you may ask? Well in Italy of course! Italian pizzas focus on using only a few ingredients, but those are high quality ingredients. And Il Cane Rosso has that same mentality. Virtually none of their pizza's are overloaded with cheese and toppings like the typical "American" pizzas are.

The pizza I consumed on this visit was called the "Special K" and it was simply topped with fresh mozzarella, grape tomatoes, basil, sea salt, and extra virgin olive oil.
The best pizza in the entire world

And it was perfect!! Really, the thing I had to rave the most about was the crust. It was soft and chewy with the right about of crisp crust all thanks to the amazing pizza oven. Because of my obsession, I had to ask the staff multiple questions about how they made the crust so. darn. tasty. The secret? Double Zero Italian Flour. But really, to really understand you must experience (my mouth is literally watering as I am writing this).

That being said... you should go to Il Cane Rosso....like now...and take me with you... please and thank you!

PS: Shout-out to Julie!! Happy Happy Birthday!!!

February 13, 2012

New Week, New Theme

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend! Mine was lovely, especially because Marshall came in town for an early Valentine's Day Celebration!!

Now, when Marshall and I visit each other, you can be assured enormous amounts of delicious food will be consumed during those days. And this past weekend did NOT disappoint! So that gave me a fun little idea for this week's blog posts.

I'm going to show you all basically what scrumptious food I consumed all weekend, by doing a sort of Food Tour of Dallas!

If you have never visited Dallas, then you are missing out on sampling some of the most delicious and unique food I have ever tasted. The variety of local, one-of-a-kind restaurants is amazing and I would love to share those tastes with everyone. So, my blog posts during this next week will focus on those restaurants and I hope you too will visit them if you ever get the chance to visit this great city. And since my mom is visiting me next weekend, I'll have even more yummy and delicious food/ restaurants to share with you.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my first restaurant "tour." Want a hint? The pizza was delicious!!!!