February 14, 2012

Dallas Eats Pizza

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I hope you are excited for my first "Dallas Eats" post of the week! And I am SO obsessed with this pizza place, I'm thinking that a repeat visit will be necessary this week. And the best place for pizza in Dallas is definitely il cane rosso.
When you first step foot in the door, you are greeted by the most amazing smell in the entire world! Seriously, it smelled so good that you knew right away your meal would be one to remember. And with an oak-wood fired pizza oven sitting right in the middle of the restaurant, you could be assured you were to have a truly authentic Neapolitan Style Pizza.
And let me just explain about this pizza...
...and that is a bold statement

Because, I've had some darn good pizza in the past. Where have I had this pizza you may ask? Well in Italy of course! Italian pizzas focus on using only a few ingredients, but those are high quality ingredients. And Il Cane Rosso has that same mentality. Virtually none of their pizza's are overloaded with cheese and toppings like the typical "American" pizzas are.

The pizza I consumed on this visit was called the "Special K" and it was simply topped with fresh mozzarella, grape tomatoes, basil, sea salt, and extra virgin olive oil.
The best pizza in the entire world

And it was perfect!! Really, the thing I had to rave the most about was the crust. It was soft and chewy with the right about of crisp crust all thanks to the amazing pizza oven. Because of my obsession, I had to ask the staff multiple questions about how they made the crust so. darn. tasty. The secret? Double Zero Italian Flour. But really, to really understand you must experience (my mouth is literally watering as I am writing this).

That being said... you should go to Il Cane Rosso....like now...and take me with you... please and thank you!

PS: Shout-out to Julie!! Happy Happy Birthday!!!

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