February 16, 2012

Fresh Fish

Onto Day 2 of my "Dallas Eats" Theme! And I apologize for the late post! Studying for a test the past two days did not leave not so much time to blog. But I am here now!

In other exciting news, my mom is coming to visit today! (yay!) Thus, even more delicious Dallas restaurants will be explored. But not until we go get some pizza first. But really, this place is addictive. It may become a weekly occurrence because it is THAT. GOOD.

But in other exciting food news, if you want to get some fresh and tasty sushi in Dallas, I recommend going to Sushi Axiom.
My friends from school had gone here a few times before and they always told me how delicious the sushi was there. And so far all of the restaurants I have visited in Dallas have not disappointed and Sushi Axiom was no different. Incredibly fresh and delicious. Let me tell you what Marshall and I ordered:

Started off with a Peach Bellini!
Next came the fish:
Tempura shrimp, avocado, crab, 4 sauces

salmon inside, eel on top
Both of these rolls were delicious! Very fresh fish and the sauces complemented the rolls quite nicely! Of the two, I think my favorite was the salmon though. I love raw salmon! Raw salmon is a little more like raw fish than saw a meaty fish like tuna, but it is equally as delicious! If you are a die-hard tuna lover and have not explored the world of fresh salmon, I encourage you to!

And I love my tuna. So fresh with wonderful texture. So naturally, we had to order some too!
Tuna Rose
And no, that is not an actual rose. It is a rose made out of tuna!!!! I had never before at any sushi restaurant seen this presentation of sashimi tuna. Six pieces of tuna, all curled up into one pretty rose package. It was almost too pretty to eat! (I did say almost). We consumed that fish in 3 minutes flat.   
Absolutely incredible! And it was sitting on top of ice, so when we finally decided to devour the fish, it was still nice and chilled!

Go to Sushi Axiom and order the sashimi tuna if nothing else. You will not be disappointed and I sure wasn't!

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