January 28, 2012

Homemade Tortillas

Remember how I told you those enchiladas were seriously the best I've ever eaten? Well there weren't that delicious for no reason! Delicious meals start with quality ingredients, and those enchiladas were no exception!

If you looked really closely at the ingredients, you would have noticed I said, preferably homemade tortillas. And yes, I still stand by that statement. But you know I wouldn't leave you to fend for your self on that one!

Fresh, homemade corn tortillas are very simple and quick to make, and they freeze very well for future use. Yes, a little equipment is required, but it is definitely worth it if you love mexican flavors.

First step: get a tortilla press. Cast iron is really the best for the job (like this one) but there are many aluminum ones on the market as well. But if you want the most bang for your buck, cast iron is definitely the way to go!
My heavy cast iron tortilla press

Second Step: get some Masa! Masa is just corn meal treated with lime. This is usually fairly easy to find in a regular supermarket down the ethnic aisle.
Third: Combine your masa + water according to the direction on the back of the package. Today I'm making a batch of eight tortillas.
*Note* When adding the water to the dry mix, I have always used about 1/4 cup more than the package suggests, so if your dough looks to dry, add more water.
Too dry - add more water! 
Just Right!
Fourth: divide your dough into 8 equally sized balls, like so:
Fifth: prepare your tortilla press! The easiest way I have found to do that is to just cut open a plastic baggie and place it on the press. Don't skip this step!
Place the dough ball on press, slightly off center


Open - voila! A tortilla!

Sometimes they break, that's ok! Re-roll and smash again!

Broil for about 30 - 40 seconds per side

This is the ultimate trick of making tortillas! Do NOT cook them in a pan on the skillet, like the package says. It takes far too long and is not so delicious. Broiler method is WAY faster and much taster.
Carefully remove from the oven and now you have your very own tortilla!
Repeat with remaining dough balls

If using right away, place on a plate covered with foil. If not, freeze for future use
Fresh Tortillas are delicious and simple! And it makes all your mexican food taste AMAZING!! Next time you have a Mexican Fiesta (aka: Cinco de Mayo) try it out!

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