December 18, 2011

I Started A Blog!!

Hello and Welcome to my Blog!

I have decided to start a blog, and to me this is semi-unusual. Mainly because I NEVER would have ever thought I would start a blog. This is for a number of reasons:

1. I used to really dislike blogs. I had looked at a few blogs, but none of them had ever really interested me and I decided that blogs were not my thing. But really, I had just never found the right kind of blog. Then I discovered my FAVORITE blog, EatLiveRun, and I got semi-addicted.

2. I'm not a writer. In school, english and humanities courses weren't really my thing. I was always a math and science person. I liked chemistry, but not as a college major (learned that the hard way).

3. Sometimes I'm not very good at finishing projects I start. There have been many a time where I have started some project like sewing a dress or making a quilt, and I get part of the way through it, but then something comes up and it gets shoved in my closet. But I will NOT let that happen to this blog! When it comes to something food related (such as this blog) I usually finish my fun foodie projects.

So, like most blogs, this one has a theme, and as I mentioned this is a very food themed blog. And naming the blog was probably the hardest part of starting. It took me a really long time to figure out a perfect and unique name and I'm very happy with what I've come up with. So the official blog name is:

Eats, Sweets, & Treats!

I really like this name and I think it encompasses all of what I want to talk about and emphasize.

1. Eats - I love food and have always enjoyed cooking since I was young. My first and biggest cooking endeavor was when I was 10 years old and I made a multi-course diner for 8 people, complete with printed menus and name cards. The "eats" part would mainly be like savory and lunch/ dinner type food.

2. Sweets - Baking is one of my favorite things to do! I think it is also appropriate that I am starting this blog around the holidays, because there will be plenty of yummy desserts I can blog about!

3. Treats - I also love holidays and the "treats" section will try to highlight this. I have also become obsessed with Pinterest and there are SO many good ideas for the holidays! No doubt I will feature some of those while blogging as well.

So, I guess that sums up the main theme of the blog! But for those who are health conscious, not to worry because I love making my food as healthy as possible! I have even turned my love of food into a profession! I am currently working towards my Masters in Nutrition and to become a Registered Dietitian. So not only will my food be yummy, it will also be relatively healthy (most of the time!).

I know is first post is kind of boring, with no pictures and everything, but I will add more variety in my next post!

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