March 13, 2012

Mountain Hiking

And on this year's spring break, I took a trip to North Carolina! And since my spring break is not a trip to the beach or some place super warm (I'm pretty sure Dallas is warmer than NC right now), Marshall and I took a little day trip to the next best thing! Some Mountains!
Views on the hike
On Sunday we took a little day trip up to Blowing Rock, NC, hopped on the Blue Ridge Parkway for a bit to get to our hiking trail entrance, and started the journey up Grandfather Mountain! We had some lovely views to look at on the way to the top!
Perfect Day for a Hike!
Over the course of the 8 mile hike, we climbed to an elevation of  5946 feet! And it was chilly close to the top. Let me show you Exhibit A:
Ice on the rock
We definitely needed some layers on our hike. But to get to the very, tip top of the mountain, we had to do some climbing. Enter Exhibit B:
Ladders to the top!

Marshall and the Ladder... please note the ice!
It was a wee bit scary... especially since I'm mildly afraid of heights! After the ladders, there were also some fun cables we had to use to climb up since the rocks we had to walk over were ice covered. Kind of scary. But, we finally made it to the top! And we had some lovely views!

Blue Ridge Parkway
Very Pretty
Such a clear day, you could see for miles!
 But like anything that must go up, we had to come down....

Two large ladders... had to climb down both (obvi).... I took my time to say the least. But we were hungry, even though we brought just wasn't the real food we were looking for... so we booked it down the mountain as fast as we could go without breaking our ankles. 
Snapshot of the trail
5 hours and 8 miles later, we were back at the car searching to find some food (It was 3:30 and most of the places closed at 3 for lunch...NOT COOL). Eventually we found some:
Inhaled the hot cheesy-ness and promptly fell asleep

Good day, good hike

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