May 2, 2012

Derby Week!

Monday was an interesting day... It ended like this:

yes, that is the inside of my car
From the beginning: Monday started out with Bootcamp, 2 hours of studying, 1 final, 3 more hours of studying, second final, then FREEDOM!!!

I was so excited to finish my finals, I went to a few shops to try to find a purse/hat for Derby! If you don't know... the Kentucky Derby is on Cinco De Mayo!!

Saturday May 5th will be the 138th Running of the Kentucky Derby! I have to go study the condensers!!

Getting back to the story: before my afternoon bootcamp, I stopped to fill up my car with gas.


The gas tank wouldn't

I then proceeded to call Marshall who looked up how I had to disassemble the trunk of my car in order to manually open the gas tank. Needless to say, that was an adventure. But through skyping, pulling, and twisting, this happened:

open sesame
SUCCESS! Now, I could effectively get gas so that I could now take my car someplace to get it fixed. That was the important part! But that had to wait because....

.... I flew home yesterday!!
That would to be Louisville, KY!! And it's the best week ever!! 


No need to worry, because I have some good recipes planned! Especially since I'm now officially on my three week "summer break" and I plan on baking all sorts of goodies!!! Get excited!

If you are planning a Derby Party this week, these would be a great addition to your spread.


  1. Yum! And congrats on having one of your recipes featured on Jenna's blog :) How exciting!

    1. Thanks Kim! It's super exciting! I was in shock when I saw it!