February 2, 2012

Make it Greek

What's next on my food agenda? Well, with my love for smoothies and breakfast items, I tend to use yogurt very frequently. But, sometimes I feel like I'm a bit of a yogurt snob...aka: I only really like greek yogurt. However, a large greek yogurt container (32 oz) usually cost around $8, my grocery budget is not quite a fan of the price tag.

BUT I found an awesome way to make Greek yogurt for way cheaper (like $2.50) and it is just as delicious! You just need to gather a few items...

  • 32 oz. organic, plain, non-fat regular yogurt  (usually about $2 - 3)
  • Cheese cloth
  • Rubber band
  • Tall, narrow tupperware container (or the glass container of a blender works well too

Step 1: Take a portion of the cheese cloth (about 12 inches long) and secure it on the top of your tupperware container with the rubber band. Be sure you have a double layer of cheese cloth (like so)
Step 2: empty entire container of yogurt into the cheese cloth. 
 Be sure it is all "secure" and won't fall off the sides. It it look sort of like a pyramid!
Step 3: place in the refrigerator overnight. The longer you let it sit, the thicker it will get!!
Looks thicker! This was after about 18 hours 
It shrank! All the liquid that came out!
Getting rid of the excess liquid that is in the yogurt is what will make the super thick greek yogurt! And guess what, you only payed a fraction of what it actually costs!

But even though you started with 32 oz of yogurt, you will not be let with that much (obviously). After the whole process is over, you are left with about 19 oz of thick greek yogurt for flavoring and eating. And 19 oz of yogurt is a perfect amount for me, because I am able to use it all without having it go to waste because of spoilage...no fun.

thick and delicious!
What is your favorite use for greek yogurt?

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